Years of Experience:                  14
  Hometown: St. Louis, MO                                                           
  Date of Birth: September 20


Tom Muffler entered the world of motorsports early in the1990's while simultaneously working on his Degree in Marketing at St. Louis University. He began competing in go-kartslocally under the St. Louis Karting Association. Tom quickly realized Karting success and earned the class championship in his first year of participation. Karting's solid foundation eased the transition into racing a converted Mazda RX-7 in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).

Tom wasn't satisfied with just racing. He realized the impact of using race cars to promote a message to children and founded "RacersAgainst Drugs,” (RAD). The RAD team joined forces with the D.A.R.E. organization to educate children on the importance of exceeding in life without the use of drugs.

Odds were always against Tom in his racing past. He did not come from a wealthy family where mom and dad paid his way, he had to go out and knock on doors, search for sponsorships and actually "earn" his ride in a race car. He competed successfully against many race car drivers who came from wealthy families.

Tom pitched the anti-drug campaign to Valvoline Oil Company, received sponsorship support and was added to their Team Valvoline roster. The sponsorship propelled Tom into the nextphase of his motorsports career. He attended the Skip Barber Racing School to enhance his driving skills then transitioned to compete in the Skip Barber Racing Series for five years. History repeated itself as Tom finished most races in the Series within the top three positions, winning several races at famed racetracks across the United States.

Valvoline and Porsche joined forces to provide him a car toco-drive in the La Carrera Panamericana Mexican Road Race. This seven day, 2000 mile Mexican road race had teams reaching speeds of 144 MPH on roads slicing through the mountains.130812_Warrior_Summit-231_web-2.jpg

Tom retired from auto racing in the late 1990's to pursue family life, his entrepreneurial ambitions and started a career as a professional fire fighter. He went from fast cars, to fast trucks! Racing has always been a passion and he kept his dream alive to someday return to thesport.

During Tom's racing retirement he developed a successful Health & Safety Training business and during 2013 he was able to realize his racing dream ... again. He purchased an SCCA, Inc. Spec Racer Ford and returned to the exciting world of auto racing. After more than 15 years away, it was asif he never left the sport. Tom's driving skills quickly came back and once again he was competitive on the track.

As a firefighter, he was on duty at the firehouse, the day our country was attacked on September 11, 2001. He watched in fright as 2,996 people lost their lives, 343 of which were his firefighter brothers. From that day on, he knew that life would never be the same.

He continued to express concern for the brave military menand women called into action to protect our great Nation and to avenge the deaths of our citizens and his fellow firefighter brothers. He has a deep gratitude for these heroic military men and women who through their unselfish sacrifices, help keep our Country, family and friends safe and free.  He's always happy to learn when our soldiers return home and often believed their battle was done.  Little did he realize, some soldiers carry invisible wounds and continue to struggle to adapt to life after war.

BXGxbsZCEAAW8Ew.jpgTom received gut wrenching news that his relative, Marine Corporal Adam Charles Muffler, became a casualty of war not on the battlefield, but after he returned home to the great land he served to protect.  Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, Adam took his own life when life's seemingly typical set-backs (for you or me) just became too much tobear. (You can learn more of Adam's story at

Tom soon learned that every day, 22 veterans are taking their own lives due to PTSD. This is unacceptable. They need and deserve ourhelp. These veterans served us, now it is our turn to serve them in any way wecan.

Tom's history of giving back to the community is as great a passion as his need for speed. Timing seemed all too coincidental with his return to racing and the loss of his relative.  He knew what he needed to do…he needed to use his race car and team to reach out to our Veterans…to show them that we appreciate them, and care for them.

Almost overnight Tom used his racing exposure and promotional background as a way to raise awareness about the disease. Tom's journey to promote PTSD has just begun.

With financial sponsorship backing from, Tom began by joining forces with, and Warriors for Heroes to become a proud and honored driver for the Armed Forces Motorsports Team.


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We are proud members of the Veteran Owned Business Project. The CEO of Armed Forces Motorsports is a retired Marine with twenty-two years of service.

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