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Landon.jpgDavis is an associate at Parrish, Houck & Snead, PLC, where he assists companies and individuals with business development, commercial litigation, asset protection and estate planning. He has worked closely with Rick Ecker on the development of Armed Forces Motorsports, LLC, and served as his advisor in the formation and sale of several other ventures. Davis will continue to work with Armed Forces Motorsports as their legal counsel.


Davis received his bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Mary Washington in 2008. In May of 2011, he received his MBA and Law Degree, with honors, from the University of Richmond, completing the four year joint-degree program in three years. In addition to his coursework, Davis participated in many extra-curricular activities, earning membership on the Client Counseling Negotiation Board, the Moot Court Board and the Trial Advocacy Board. He was also a senior associate on the Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business.

Publications & Speaking Engagements:

Landon C. Davis, III, Isaac A. McBeth & Elizabeth Southall, A Distinction Without A Difference? An Examination of the Legal and Ethical Difference Between Asset Protection And Fraudulent Transfers Under Virginia Law, 47 U. Rich L. Rev. 381 (2012).

Landon C. Davis, III, Isaac A. McBeth & Amanda P. Blair, Understanding Fraudulent Transfers, VBA Journal, Vol. 39, No.2 (Fall 2012)

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Landon C. Davis, III & Isaac A. McBeth, The Ethical Implications of Virginia's Fraudulent Transfer Law, Fredericksburg Area Bar Association CLE (March 2012)

Landon C. Davis, III & Isaac A. McBeth, The Substantive and Ethical Distinctions of Fraudulent Transfers under the Virginia Code and UFTA, Richmond Bankruptcy Bar CLE (October 2011).


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We are proud members of the Veteran Owned Business Project. The CEO of Armed Forces Motorsports is a retired Marine with twenty-two years of service.

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