Chris Hennken  Vice President Marketing / Social Media

Chris-Hennkner.jpgHenneken is AFM's Vice President of Marketing and Social Media. He delivers digital strategies that align marketing, communications and IT sectors to build and/or solidify our brand and increase market share by creating solutions that improve customer awareness, retention and support.

Henneken quickly grasps a client's strategic vision and identifies key business model points associated with transitioning into the online space. He advises on a multitude of technology solutions that build and enhance the client’s online presence, remaining within established budgets and implementation timelines. He provides clients with a supportive and open-door communications experience throughout the duration of the initiative.

He possesses a diverse business background which originates in the family businesses of sports marketing, printing and publishing.

Today, Hennken utilizes his background to develop new, online business opportunities by identifying underdeveloped business scenarios and unique niche opportunities. He has led successful implementation of new product and service offerings by leading C-level partners through product life cycle development and implementation. Recently he completed a full-fledged text analytics service offering. 

He has accomplished a minimum of 24 technical project implementations and phased enhancements of existing initiatives.

He found his way into IT in 1996, while working with Wal-Mart to develop online product categories promoting sports marketing products for their e-commerce web site.

From that point forward, Henneken evolved. He's self-taught and well-versed across the application development disciplines, including user interface, business logic and database tiers.

His specialties include: Online strategic vision and planning for B-B/B-C startup through mature business models; thought leadership; e-commerce solutions; B-B/B-C web based technology solutions; client and vendor relations; client/internal team SDLC management; mobile; interactive marketing; social media; SEO development; CRM analysis; COPPA compliance, and; text analytics.


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