Brittany Ecker  Vice President

BEcker.jpgBrittany helps veterans all across the country by broadening the capabilities of a nationally based veteran support organization.

She works to secure new charity and corporate partnerships, and develops programs that increase awareness of critical issues surrounding the veteran community. Her efforts led to a 90% growth rate of support organizations and veteran-owned businesses.

Growing up in a Marine Corps family, Brittany developed a passion to help veterans at a very young age. That passion led her to become co-founder of Armed Forces Motorsports. A graduate of James Madison University, Brittany understands the needs facing our veterans and their families, and through the Motorsports Company, develops new programs supporting our veterans in and out of uniform.

Brittany's broad-based experience and drive to help our veterans has put her face-to-face with senior level executives at charity organizations and veteran-owned businesses all across the country.


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We are proud members of the Veteran Owned Business Project. The CEO of Armed Forces Motorsports is a retired Marine with twenty-two years of service.

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