Les Ecker

unnamed.jpgOver the years, Les Ecker has raced stock, late model and sprint cup race cars in states all over the country. On Oct. 20, 2012, his youngest son was diagnosed with Burketts Lymphoma, the most aggressive cancer known. With the help chemotherapy and more than 20 spinal taps, his son is still in remission today. He is a NASCAR enthusiast, so Les made a promise to his son to make it into one of NASCAR's top three divisions.  Les is building Jett Motorsports from the ground up in the hopes of one day handing it all over to his kids.  However, he is currently seeking sponsorship for his motorsports team to help make his son's dreams a reality. He is a 15-year veteran of the Oklahoma Army National Guard and the Oklahoma Air National Guard, as well as a retired firefighter.



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We are proud members of the Veteran Owned Business Project. The CEO of Armed Forces Motorsports is a retired Marine with twenty-two years of service.

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