"Racing to Honor and Support our Veterans"


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Armed Forces Motorsports

We are proud members of the Veteran Owned Business Project.  The CEO of Armed Forces Motorsports is a retired Marine with twenty-two years of service.

Welcome to Armed Forces Motorsports


While veterans have their particular loyalty to the branch of the armed services in which they served, there is still a strong bond between all who have served this Nation in uniform. Armed Forces Motorsports (AFM) is the preeminent professional motorsports company…honoring and supporting all branches of the military…underscoring the AFM tagline:

"One Force. One Team.”

On and off the track, AFM’s commitment is to those who have and continue to serve this Nation in uniform. Through our motorsports programs, we will foster a patriotic spirit, preserve the traditions of the military services, and educate the American people about her Armed Forces and the critical needs of our Veterans and their families.

The Program

AFM is breaking down all the barriers within the racing industry by expanding its presence in ALL forms of motorsports racing. From the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) to the Southern Super Series, Motocross and eventually the National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) and boat racing, AFM will reach out to veterans in communities all across the country.

At a time of uncertainty in our country…a time when benefits and privileges for veterans are in jeopardy, AFM is there to help boost morale, by offering a program that active duty servicemen and women, their families, and veterans all across the country can rally around – a program they can call their own. Overall, the AFM racing program provides an important escape for veterans and their families.

The platform on which AFM is built serves as an invaluable marketing tool that can help disseminate important information to veterans and their families. Moreover, AFM can help reunite communities with their veterans through its Outreach and National Show Car Programs.



"We race to honor our veterans, and use motorsports as the venue to increase 

awareness of critical issues that affect them 

and their families."




Armed Forces Motorsports is an independently owned company and is not affiliated with the Department of Defense or the individual Military Services.